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dB Technologies DVX D15 Monitor activo 15" 750w


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Bafle / Monit Activo, 15'RCF+Dr1.4'RCF, 500+250w/RMS Digipro, 132db, 60°40°,

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Active Stage Monitor 15" / 1.4" 1500 Watt
The DVX DM15 is a low-profi le stage monitor. 

Unobtrusive yet very muscular, it is designed for sound reinforcement applications that require powerful low-end performance without added subwoofers. 

It sports a high-performance 15“ neodymium woofer and a 1.4“ neodymium compression driver, coupled to an aluminum“ CD horn. 

This combination’s response across the human voice’s full range is impressively assertive. 

Paired with high-output digipro digital power amps in a bi-amped confi guration,
the DVX DM15 belies its unobtrusive look with performance that is far from understated, delivering plenty of power to cover midsized to large stages.
Active Stage Monitor 1500 Watt
An onboard controller manages the entire system, serving as an active equalizer, active x-over with phase and time alignment, and limiter. 

The DSP also offers switchable system presets that adapt the monitor’s performance to suit the given application. 

Made of rugged multiplex and coated with tough black lacquer, the cabinet sets up at two different angles. 

It is also equipped with a pole mount, enabling the DVX DM15 to be set on a tripod or speaker pole
Speaker Type: 2-Way Active Stage Monitor
Frequency Response [-10dB]: 50 - 20.000 Hz
Frequency Response [+/- 3dB]: 59 - 19.000 Hz
Max SPL: 132 dB
HF: 1.4 "
Type HF: Neodymium Compression Driver
Voice Coil HF: Titanium 2.5 "
Directivity: 60x40 °
Horn: CD Horn Aluminium
Rotatable Horn: YES
LF: 15 "
Type LF: Neodymium
Voice Coil LF: 3.5 "
Amp Technology: Digipro®
Amp Class: Class D
Power RMS: 750 W
Peak Power: 1500 W
Cooling: Convection
Controller: DSP 24 Bit/48 kHz
System Presets: Flat, Monitor
Limiter: RMS, Peak. Thermal, Multiband
Crossover Frequency MF-HF: 1320 Hz
Slope MF-HF: 24 dB/Octave
Housing: Multiplex birch plywood
Housing Design: Low Profile Multifunctional
Angles Up: 35, 55 °
Rigging Points: 6x M8
Width: 734 mm (29.36 in)
Height: 338 mm (13.52 in)
Depth: 442 mm (17.68 in)
Weight: 21 kg (46.3 lbs)